Endangered Valuable Tropical Hardwoods in Palawan Philippines

Endangered Valuable Tropical Hardwoods in Palawan Philippines

We must save, protect, propagate, research and educate about these critically endangered extremely valuable hardwood species before they go extinct - Initial survey on current availability & seeding schedule and seed germination analysis for protection, propagation and reforestation purposes

Lauri M. Oikarinen

Osa 1: Hardwood Tree Species in the Philippines

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Julkaistu: 24.01.2020

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This book is two books in one and contains the following stories:

Save the Philippine Ironwood and other critically endangered highly valuable tropical hardwood species!

These wonderful trees are most likely going to go extinct without immediate intervention. We can propagate more than 22 different hardwood species now, if you help us to do so. We have an operating nursery and we can produce tens of thousands of high quality seedlings for reforestation every year, if there is someone who has land to plant them into the ground.
Please help us to get continuous annual planting started!

At December 2019, our nursery had still over 2,000 pieces of 17 different Palawan hardwood tree seedlings in stock, but we cannot find enough buyers who would plant them!


A research on the availability, germination and propagation of selected Palawan hardwood tree species: the Mangkono (Ironwood), Ipil, Mountain Agoho and Narra - It included the following field research:

* Surveys to find potential Mother-Trees
* Availability study of seeds and wildlings
* Seed germination analysis for selected species
* Observations and experiments on survival of seedling in nursery and out-planted.

There is practically no research on these species and this is an open invitation to study more about these magnificent species.

The surveys located enough Mother-Trees to successfully save, protect, propagate and educate about these hardwood species.

Some species can be easily propagated from seeds, while many others must be propagated from wildlings, as of now, due to extreme difficulty to find enough seeds or very low-germination rates.


I would love to plant many trees in the field and help to organize more research, but I have no more resources to do enough. I am asking for all of you who love to plant trees to read what I have done this far and join my efforts to plant million trees first in Palawan and then other islands in the Philippines.
Lauri M. Oikarinen

Lauri M. Oikarinen

I am an environmental planner and scientist from Finland, who has been personally studying Palawan hardwood tree species.

I have gained enough experience to run a nursery and produce good quality seedlings in tens of thousands.

Now I would love to realize the real target to plant one million of these species to reforest Palawan and other Philippine islands.

To be able to reach that target, I need your help. Feel free to contact me.

I have 2 webpages:

and 2 earlier book publications:
"How to Design a Truly Sustainable City" - English
"Elämässä pärjäämiseen tarvitaan oikeita työkaluja!" - Finnish edition only in Finnish

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