Wonders of Love

Wonders of Love

The Alchemy of Love

Tiia Yli-Valkama

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ISBN-13: 9789522869395

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Julkaistu: 27.10.2014

Kieli: englanti

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Love, success, your own happiness!

Your own happiness can’t rely on another person. Another person only fulfills another’s life.
The book is about the wonders of love. How someone else’s body can be melted in to another human’s body. How you can feel spiritual love for many people at the same time you love your companion in your relationship spiritually and physically.
How soul is free to experience and fly to get the experiences. Different families of souls combine. You can feel it as different experiences of love, as deep feelings of sympathy and as the feelings of empathy for another people.
How another can feel so familiar, so close. Everything happens always in the spiritual level in love. There is the pureness and authenticity of soul, soul is neuter, soul is free.
There is a charge of love in the modern time’s energies which ignites in your heart by living your life!

The states of love by living life – in the moment.
Tiia Yli-Valkama

Tiia Yli-Valkama

Tiia Yli-Valkama is a regular nurse and intuitive healer as her education. She passes on the illumination for the opening of the people’s conscious. An intuitive healer is familiar with people’s spiritual and emotional processes and the anatomy of energy.

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