Wine Grape Varieties of the World from a European Point of View

Wine Grape Varieties of the World from a European Point of View

Markku Kiskola

Ruuanlaitto, hyvinvointi & terveys


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ISBN-13: 9789515684851

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Julkaistu: 21.02.2023

Kieli: englanti

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Do you often think what would be the best wine? Or how to find your own favourite wine. Would you like it easier to talk about wines and wine grapes?
Because of the abundance of wines, it's much easier to get to know them starting with the different types of grapes.

To this end, Wine Grape Varieties of the World from a European Point of View offers good support by listing about 930 varieties, many with several synonyms. Almost every variety now has a brief description of the aroma.

The book first lists the ten most favoured grape varieties, and after this the varieties are listed by countries and by wine regions. 58 countries are included. Finally, you can find maps of wine regions, a description of the most common varieties, and an alphabetical index of the wine grape varieties including a large number of synonyms.

This reference book is the same size as the screen of a tablet, handy for viewing at your home as well as packing it in your bag or suitcase as a guide to local wines.

It is also available as an eBook for all platforms. This makes it easy to search all the grape varieties for instance of a particular wine region or a particular country.

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Markku Kiskola

Markku Kiskola

Markku Kiskola has visited most of the European countries, and also Asia and North America. During these trips, he had the opportunity to sample wines. Tens of years of studying wines has given the writer, not only great enjoyment, but also the inspiration to write this book.

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