What Mynos Saw

What Mynos Saw

New Sand for Old Glass, Prequel No. 1

Jani Ojala


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ISBN-13: 9789523302761

Kustantaja: Books on Demand

Julkaistu: 26.05.2023

Kieli: englanti

Värillinen sisältö: Kyllä

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It's the year 800 and Mynos lives in his family's old home with his pet-wolf and pet-sheep. Their family was a staple of a growing farming-community in Southwest Finland. Now there's two of them left. Now, middle-brother Veros is the only one still looking after Mynos. Mynos is the town's shaman, a restless artist who acts as a bridge between people who see him either as clueless, or pure-at-heart.

Tragedies have almost wiped out Mynos and Veros' family. Mynos refuses the older brother's torn-by-the-wild outlook, and secrets unravel as to how everybody got the way they are, while Mynos just... sits there. Sits there and carves, sits there and paints, sits there and talks, sits there... and wonders if he means anything at all.

In his years as the town's top artist, Mynos has had the chance to brush up against all matter of proud people, but all that those experiences have provided him -- all that anything seems to provide him -- is making his introspection merely intensify.
He wants to love.
He refuses to hate the nearby owls as much as the Village Master does.
He wants something that's made here in the close corners of his cold house, to stand the test of time. To have something to show for all these moments alone in his room. To live on, after he dies.
Jani Ojala

Jani Ojala

I'm from Finland.

I'm one of three brothers.

I have enough experience of unrequited love that this kind of a love-story had been waiting my whole life to be written by me.

I also turn into a passive dreamer instead of facing my emotions, which leaves my loved ones hanging but then I turn it around and explain how I feel SO WELL that people think I'm some great writer because of it. And poof, I get to skate away from all those nasty emotions again.

"What Mynos Saw" is THE character-portrait that I needed to write as a 26-year-old man.

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