Ultra Lean Sales

Ultra Lean Sales

The revolution of business growth

Antti Leijala

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ISBN-13: 9789528017813

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Julkaistu: 04.10.2019

Kieli: englanti

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Whether you are a small-town entrepreneur or a large international organisation, Ultra Lean Sales offers a new way of sales for all companies.

Ultra Lean Sales offers a solution for three discontinuities which happen at the same time:
1) the buying behaviours of customers are changing fast,
2) the analytic tools are developing and becoming one with artificial intelligence, and
3) Lean methods are also used in the improvement of sales processes, in addition to production and service processes.

The only certain thing is the speed of change!

In the center of everything is continuous learning and credible analyzing of root causes. How can we learn from won/lost offers and mistakes made in previous offers and utilize the analyzed information we have in order to improve the offer win rate?

In short, Ultra Lean Sales answers the following questions:
1) How do I win an offer?
2) How do I learn from offers that were lost?
3) How do I eliminate my weaknesses?
4) How do I stand out from my competitors?

In order for you to make a winning offer, you need to learn from other similar offers - in real-time. This is possible with Lean sales by utilizing the specialised Ultra Lean Sales dashboard.

In addition to independent reading, this book is also used as learning material in Ultra Lean Sales training courses. More information about the training and e-learning opportunities can be found at: www.ultraleanbusiness.com.

"If we adopt a discipline and provide accurate information, Ultra Lean Sales will have substantial impact (A Harvard Case)" comments Vatche Beujekian, customer team head, Nokia.
Antti Leijala

Antti Leijala

Antti Leijala, Licentiate of Science (Technology)

Antti has 20 years of international management experience and a true passion to help his wide network in the areas of sales, entrepreneurship, and change. He is an entrepreneur, educator / trainer, consultant, author, and one of the few Lean sales experts globally.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anttileijala/
YouTube: www.ultraleanbusiness.com/youtube

UltraLeanBusiness Oy Ltd is Antti Leijala's company helping businesses with sales, entrepreneurship, problem-solving, and innovations. Our customer promise is 'The revolution of business growth'. www.ultraleanbusiness.com.

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