Tree generation and enumeration

Tree generation and enumeration

An extended model in graph theory

Jesse Sakari Hyttinen

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ISBN-13: 9789528065722

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Julkaistu: 11.07.2022

Kieli: englanti

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I believe in passing on knowledge to further generations, inspiring scientists and mathematicians of today and tomorrow. By making books about graph theory, I can make my vision happen and leave a mark in this world, and enrich the minds of curious individuals.

The book Tree generation and enumeration: an extended model in graph theory, is about a formal system for tree generation, including such tree types as rooted trees, free trees, series-reduced rooted trees and series-reduced free trees. A link is made between positive integer partitions, natural numbers and trees, and the scope of tree generation is expanded to equations, a new branch in graph theory called advanced vertex edge algebra.

With multiple various examples and results, this model, or theory, can be an insightful experience, and can improve intuition and expertise especially in rooted tree generation. The main focus of the book is in tree generation, but there are quite many examples of tree enumeration as well.
Jesse Sakari Hyttinen

Jesse Sakari Hyttinen

A mathematician at heart, makes books about graph theory and some other subjects as well. Sometimes takes part in programming projects. Has independently researched tree generation and enumeration for over seven years, and has thus developed a strong
intuition in tree generation, especially in the case of rooted trees.

Passionate user of symbolic and partition form treespeak, a mathematical spell language directly developed from vertex edge algebra and the tree generation algorithm. Is slowly building a world around treespeak, and has programmed a game / tool in which one can test one's capabilities in this language.

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