The Play of Emotion and Fantasy

The Play of Emotion and Fantasy

Krijgsman Willem

Historia, uskonto & humanistiset tieteet


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ISBN-13: 9789528073383

Kustantaja: BoD - Books on Demand

Julkaistu: 09.07.2024

Kieli: englanti

Värillinen sisältö: Kyllä

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The Play of Emotion and Fantasy is the book about the arts of the in Finland living Dutch Visual Artist and Interior Architect Willem Krijgsman (born in 1953, Delft). The book contains a large collection of his early artworks.
In the form of two separate, interesting interviews, he takes the reader with him by showing his works through many fantastic colour photos and pictures. He explains his process of creation and artistic developments. He is showing us, how he goes from paper collages to assemblages, from assemblages via junk art into drawing, followed by his later discovery of clay, that developed into love for modelling clay.
In this rich, with photographs and drawings, illustrated book Krijgsman shows his love for the arts in general. Making art, by discovering and researching art forms, is his most important motivation.
He wants, that his book of arts is working as if being in an exhibition situation. The reader can go through different stages of his artistic creations. Explanations and names under the pictures, if so, are kept to a minimum, not to disturb the viewer’s own interpretation.
The artist, living in Finland since 1981, has held many solo exhibitions in his home country, especially in Helsinki and Vantaa. He has also taken part in many group exhibitions and gained publicity. Though not internationally known, his wonderful artworks are very much on the level and worthwhile exploring. They show a really motivated, talented and sincere visual artist at work.
Willem Krijgsman has published in Finnish, in 2023, the book “Fifty-Fifty” (BoD, ISBN: 978-952-80-9321-3) telling his integration process into the Finnish society via intertextual collages using e.g. paintings from Golden Age of Finnish Art.
Krijgsman Willem

Krijgsman Willem

Willem Krijgsman (born in 1953, Delft-Holland) is a professional Visual Artist and Interior Architect. Since 1981 he has been living in Finland. He has studied at the College of Art (Willem de Kooning Academy) in Rotterdam. After his studies, in 1981, he moved to Finland and has worked as an interior architect and free time artist, since 1997 as a professional visual artist. Krijgsman has held numerous solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions, besides he has been a curator for art exhibitions. His arts contain e.g. paper collages, assemblages, junk art, drawings, colour pencil paintings and clay sculpture. Willem Krijgsman is especially known for his figurative, symbolistic, intertextual colour pencil paintings, but also for his figurative clay sculptures. Now, as a senior visual artist, he has started to look back on his artistic career and wants to show and explain his art works in wider perspective, or as he says: in book-formed exhibitions.
Willem Krijgsman has published (BoD in 2023) his first book in Finnish. In the art book “Fifty-Fifty” he is telling about his integration process into the Finnish society. The book is illustrated by his intertextual colour pencil paintings, collages, using e.g. paintings from the Golden Age of Finnish Art.

Willem Krijgsman’s info: (Artist Register – Artists’ Association of Finland)

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