The Oulunsalo Gallery

The Oulunsalo Gallery

The story behind every titlecard, overview and recap of every chapter of the Oulunsalo Fiction-trilogy.

Jani Ojala

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ISBN-13: 9789528019220

Kustantaja: Books on Demand

Julkaistu: 20.11.2019

Kieli: suomi

Värillinen sisältö: Kyllä

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The idea to take titlecard-photos for each chapter of all Oulunsalo Fiction-books occurred to me in 2018, as I prepped for the process of releasing the trilogy on There needed to be a thumbnail when you share it on social media, and I thought: why not? These stories, these characters, conflicts and settings provoke mental images in my mind all day long anyways. Be nice to express that. Little things from my hometown, Oulunsalo, inspire me more than I'll probably remember ten years from now. I'll have this trilogy to look back on, in case I ever forget.

So this book is different from anything I've released before. It's a book about my books - the absolute power move for a young writer working in fiction. The trilogy was a 5-year project, and here I'll go in-depth about what inspired everything in the magnum opus of my writing career... so far.

I'll be a lot less formal here than I've been on anything else, going over memories and images. To keep up with that spirit, I didn't edit the book at all either. All written in one take. Probably gonna run into some typos, but that doesn't matter. The testimony was complete.
Jani Ojala

Jani Ojala

22-year-old Finnish writer who's inspired by everything going on around him, and loves telling stories almost as much as hearing them. Just finished the 5-year project Oulunsalo Fiction (the trilogy consisting of 2016's Ice Road, 2017's Talisman and 2019's Helicopters), which saved my life, but is also a last hooray for my "first phase" of writing, of stories revolving around themes of mental illness and criminal activity. Stay tuned for what your boy Jafar has in store for the 2020s; it's going to be epic!

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