The Magical Flutist

The Magical Flutist

Exercises for Tone and Technique

Katri Rehnström

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108 sivua

ISBN-13: 9789528071273

Kustantaja: BoD - Books on Demand

Julkaistu: 30.04.2024

Kieli: englanti

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The Magical Flutist - Exercises for Tone and Technique was inspired by the tuition of the Finnish flute pedagogue Rainer Risberg. This intermediate level book includes detailed instructions, various exercises and fun images for improving your tone and technique. The exercises have been organized thematically, so that you can customize different practice sessions by choosing a couple of exercises from each chapter to meet your needs. Flutists all around Finland have had the pleasure of enjoying the captivating tuition of Rainer Risberg. The collection includes all the best exercises, tips and creative instructions to help you to create a beautiful tone and learn an effortless technique. The practice book is suitable for teaching material in flute lessons. It is also well suited for an intermediate level self-study.
Katri Rehnström

Katri Rehnström

Katri Rehnström (b. Seinäjoki, Finland, 1979) is a Finnish musician and flute teacher. She has completed bachelor's degrees in Classical Piano Pedagogy, Classical Flute Pedagogy and Pop & Jazz Flute Pedagogy. Katri has been teaching the flute and improvisation at music schools in Finland, for example, teaching improvisation to classical flute teachers. Recently she has been working as a freelance flutist in Finland and as a writer of music education material. She has published two improvisation books entitled Improkatin ABC (2023) and Sävel on vapaa (2013) with Annika Gummerus-Putkinen. Katri hopes The Magical Flutist will be an inspiring daily practice book for flutists and flute teachers around the world.

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