a true story of an internet domain theft attempt

Wille Kuutti

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ISBN-13: 9789528002079

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Julkaistu: 04.07.2018

Kieli: englanti

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In September 2017 someone tried to steal a valuable internet domain name SOT.COM. This is a real story about what happened and how to control of the domain was returned to it's rightful owner. You will also get some advice how to prevent domain theft and what to do in an unfortunate event of a domain theft. There is no ebook available to protect your interests, in an unfortunate event when you most need this book you possibly may not have access to your ebooks.
Wille Kuutti

Wille Kuutti

Wille Kuutti is a seasoned software engineering professional from Finland. He is running his own consultancy business and has teached in the universities.

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