Secret galleries of the Vatican libraries

Secret galleries of the Vatican libraries

Aarre Lehtonen

Historia, uskonto & humanistiset tieteet


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Julkaistu: 10.12.2014

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Christopher Columbus was allegedly the author of a book called "La Aventura de America". That book has never been published. Only one known copy exists (the original hand written copy) and it is hidden in the Vatican library. The exact reason why the Vatican has kept this book from reaching the public is unknown.

Now the secret of his book is exposed. Fans of antique gay erotica, rejoice. The world's largest collection of pederasty art is to be released. It is all legal, because the collection is acceptable religious art from secret galleries of Vatican art museums, all depicting only Biblical figures.

News: The Vatican Secret Archives announced yesterday plans to digitise a previously unacknowledged collection of prohibited materials.

Kept hidden by an act of pontifical secrecy, the items, once decreed obscene, are released as part of a new directive on transparency.

The collection includes tens of thousands of drawings, frescoes, engravings, artifacts, and ephemera dating from the Renaissance back to classical antiquity.

Included in the materials available for a free but censored preview are an illustrated manuscript depicting the Song of Solomon, which is actually gay in its content, as has been shown by the commentaries made by the Protestant Church on it in the first complete edition of the Finnish Bible in the year 1642.

Leonardo da Vinci invented the first primitive camera obscura, by which he took photos of nude boys kissing and hugging each other. Such photos are included in the Vatican art collection. Primitive camera obscura was used by many art painters who made their artwork by the help of such archaic photos. The collection released by Vatican include greatly enhanced and colorized versions of archaic Renaissance photographs.

Costs and pricing for full access to the online collection have not been finalized. Income generated from paying subscribers will be set aside in a special account administered by the Catholic Church.

The account will be used to reimburse losses by churches that have declared bankruptcy to eliminate their obligation to pay court judgments in sexual abuse cases.

The primitive camera obscura was also invented by Hermes Trismegistus, and photos include real pictures taken of Noah and his Ark, the kiss of Judas, breakfast at the lake in the Gospel of John, chapter 21, pictures of Christ and all his twelve disciples and much more. The photos are enhanced to look like as if they were taken by modern cameras.
Aarre Lehtonen

Aarre Lehtonen

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