Find Yourself Again

Markus Heikkilä

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128 sivua

ISBN-13: 9789515681058

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Julkaistu: 18.01.2021

Kieli: englanti

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On many occasions your thinking seems to be stuck and clogged up and you have no idea what do about it. Sometimes you do not understand why you seem to malfunction and have unbearable feelings in many situations that should be easy to cope with.

You have the most efficient supercomputer built in your head. Unfortunately since you were born, it has been filled with now obsolete programs that you do not need anymore and games that waste your time and energy. Modern day stress factors make also your body stiff and sometimes cause chronic pain and other issues.

Reset is a practical program to reboot your mind and reset it to factory setting. The method is based on modern cognitive psychology, psychoanalytic methods of Carl Jung and ancient wisdom from all over the world. There are also very handy inbuilt functions in the hardware, your body, to restore its natural relaxed state. The book also contains instructions how to make a bodyReset too.
Markus Heikkilä

Markus Heikkilä

Markus Heikkila is a philosopher and a psychiatric nurse. He has studied perception of reality for decades. He is open minded and accepts all his findings regardless of how controversial they might seem. His approach is multidisciplinary and he bases his methods on modern western science, but does not hesitate to use findings of ancient cultures as well whenever they are applicable.

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