Poems Of Universal Love

Poems Of Universal Love

Anne Korhonen

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ISBN-13: 9789515686640

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Julkaistu: 06.06.2017

Kieli: englanti

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Poems Of Universal Love is highly inspired by spoken word and black culture in the African Diaspora. The poems depict a current image of our times and they have a highly political emphasis commenting on such social issues as unreliable politics and the reign of Trump, racism and terrorism, feminism and women's rights, hunger and poverty, diseases and mental health, joblessness and education. Even global warming isn't forgotten. The writer suggests failure of democracy and she suggests that the idea of welfare state must be re-evaluated. In the face of hard times the poems celebrate diversity and find joy in love, romance and cultural phenomena. The poems Brown Desire and Misfit Manifesto of the book have been also released as spoken word tracks on Youtube and Soundcloud.
Anne Korhonen

Anne Korhonen

Anne Korhonen also known as Eyeslikeblues is a 26-years-old Finnish poet and spoken word artist and writer of two self-published anthologies Rainbow Of Tones and Poems Of Universal Love. Rainbow Of Tones is her bilingual work consisting of poetry in Finnish and lyrics in English. Rainbow Of Tones is currently available only in Finland. Love, spirituality and global issues are Eyeslikeblues favorite subjects to write about. Eyeslikeblues has currently two spoken word tracks Brown Desire and Misfit Manifesto to listen to on Youtube and Soundcloud. You can follow her writing process in her blog Poets X Files. Eyeslikeblues is also learning to play the djembe.

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