OWN IT - 8 Simple Secrets of Product Owner Success

OWN IT - 8 Simple Secrets of Product Owner Success

Arto Kiiskinen

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ISBN-13: 9789528006190

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Julkaistu: 08.11.2018

Kieli: englanti

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How to maximize results while minimizing waste? What is the most important routine for Product Owners? How to avoid drowning into the DEEP end of the Backlog Swimming Pool? How to keep you and your team learning and improving while constantly delivering maximum customer value? And how to have fun while doing it?
Product Owner is the most important role in agile development. The 8 Secrets for Product Owner Success shows how any Product Owner can follow easy steps to guarantee great results and a positive and constantly improving team.
Arto Kiiskinen

Arto Kiiskinen

Arto Kiiskinen has worked for over 20 years in product development, in different roles such as R&D Project Manager, Program Manager, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Test Engineer, R&D Team Lead, R&D Manager, and R&D Director. He has over 10 years of experience on agile methods, Scrum, Kanban, and experience on leading complex R&D projects that span multiple cultures, countries, and across large time zone differences.

As a trainer and coach, Arto has helped small and large companies and projects and programs of widely different industries transition to more effective and agile ways of working.

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