Our Book

Our Book

Juha Sorsa

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Julkaistu: 20.01.2017

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Our Book is a guidebook to the world of thoughts and to being a human. The book includes poems, sayings and ponderings. Themes cover metaphysics, humanity, love, nature and cosmos.

Juha and Anastasia investigate how traumatic events in one's past could have lead to illnesses of the mind, where from disease of the body might have developped eventually.

In the book, there are also published Theory about awkward dreams and Trauma process tool.

Our Book addresses challenging matters about humanity and our planet, but the main message is the one of universal love. The Cosmos is examined from a human point of view, from time to time escaping into a-distant futures.

Our Book guides the beloved reader in awakening one's own dreams and finding the heart's calling. The content bursts with manifestations of joy and happiness, advising to start the quest towards one's own soulmate, starting a family and co-creating dreams. What could be more lovely than wondering in one's own garden with the family?

The book includes poems Our beautiful dream, Warmth and Northern lights, One ocean of souls, New cosmos', The quest for soulmate, Bold enough and loony enough, Mr. Jones, I saw a mirage of you, Nuestras almas nunca mueren and Through the river of stars.

More information: www.juhasorsa.com
Juha Sorsa

Juha Sorsa

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