Opening Boundaries: Toward Finnish Heterolinational Literatures

Opening Boundaries: Toward Finnish Heterolinational Literatures

Mehdi Ghasemi

Oppiminen & kielet


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ISBN-13: 9789528020196

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Julkaistu: 17.12.2019

Kieli: englanti

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Opening Boundaries: Toward Finnish Heterolinational
Literatures is a part of our project, entitled "Toward a More
Inclusive and Comprehensive Finnish Literature," conducted
at the Finnish Literature Society (SKS) and the University of
Tampere during 2018-2019. This cross-cultural collection of
texts demonstrates the emergence and growth of new
heterogeneous, multicultural and multilingual literatures
within the Finnish literary canon. The anthology includes
some literary outputs by twenty-four immigrant authors,
living in Finland from sixteen different nationalities, and
their works in ten different languages make this collection
multilingual. However, for the sake of readability, the
translation of some of their works in Finnish or English has
been offered.
Mehdi Ghasemi

Mehdi Ghasemi

Mehdi Ghasemi is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Turku, the University of Tampere and the Finnish Literature Society. One of his postdoctoral projects, entitled "Toward a More Inclusive Finnish Literature," aims to increase the visibility, readability and research on immigrant authors residing in Finland and authors of Finnish origin living in North America. In parallel, Ghasemi has written fiction in the hybrid genre of noveramatry, which is a combination of novel, drama and poetry all in one line. He has already published three fiction books, entitled Flight to Finland: A Noveramatry, How I Became a W Finn: A Noveramatry and Finnish Russian Border Blurred: A Noveramatry. The forth one, entitled A Farewell to the Earth and Kepler-438b: A Noveramatry, is forthcoming.

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