One Day at the Time

One Day at the Time

Juhana Day

Klassikot & runot


64 sivua

ISBN-13: 9789515681782

Kustantaja: Books on Demand

Julkaistu: 17.07.2017

Kieli: englanti

Värillinen sisältö: Ei

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A story following life's path of a man
and his changing perspective of life.

Through the storms of misfortune,
chronic pain, struggles of love, stuck in time.
Finding oneself in the dusts of the past.

New dawn, gifted with patience,
honor and the wisdom of life.

Our greatest moments,
moments that sculpt and define us.
The very essence of time.
Juhana Day

Juhana Day

Juhana Day

(Juhana Päivä, born in Lahti, Southern Finland, 11th November 1980)

Poet, and a little more.
Driven by the deepest edges of emotions and the passion
to embrace life's obstacle course of priceless lessons.

There's magic in the words. In the right order, they can make
you cry, make you smile, or even make you stronger.
But only if you have tasted a life that's worth living.

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