New chronology using solar eclipses

New chronology using solar eclipses

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Pekka Mansikka

Historia, uskonto & humanistiset tieteet


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Julkaistu: 09.12.2019

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Perhaps everyone interested in reading, for example, the history of Assyria, Babylon and Egypt, has at some point noticed some references to solar eclipses observed at that distant time.
Taking a glance at the chronologies of those peoples, it can be stated that the solar eclipses observed cannot be found in the reign periods of those kings.
The Author has discovered this scientific vacuum and he has considered it to be an appropriate opportunity to specify the chronologies of the peoples reigning in the Middle East in 1550-530 BC in connection with accordance of the observed eclipses.
This study raises justified questions: did the solar eclipse observed in Ashur-Dan III's 9th regnal year in 800 BC or in 809 BC? Or could it have happened in 791 BC?
This study presents a new feature of applying new studies by Egyptian astronomer Aymen M. Ibrahim for the first time in practice to the history of the peoples.
This new study can be regarded very exceptional, as this is the world's first major encouragement of how a chronology can be timed using solar eclipses.
This Book includes 57 images and more than 40 tables and text boxes.
Pekka Mansikka

Pekka Mansikka

(born 1953 in Pielavesi) is a Finnish non-academic history student. The Author has completed his youthful studies in Pielavesi and Kuopio. He worked for several years in Iisalmi, where the direction went north to Kittilä. In addition, he has been working as a developer in a open source-based Opencart online sales for many years.
He has been primarily studying the history of ancient peoples since 2011.


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