Mythology of Kerimaa

Mythology of Kerimaa

Marvelous Adventures of Väinämöinen

Pekka Nurminen

Historia, uskonto & humanistiset tieteet


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ISBN-13: 9789523306004

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Julkaistu: 22.02.2016

Kieli: englanti

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Secret History of The Universe

A new exciting information has been released about the Finnish national epic Kalevala. Researcher Pekka Nurminen has located, in his book Kerimaa Mythology, the Kalevala's origin in eastern Finland to an area, where nowadays locates the Kerimaa Holiday Center and golf course. The new research explains the world's creation and development history partly based on the Kalevala epic's framework, but the book unveils completely new and surprising information about the dawn of history.

The book offers explanations for, among other things, big bang, deluge, the Mystery of Atlantis, ancient megalith palaces and the building of pyramids. The book focuses on ancient matters which the Kalevala's creator, Elias Lönnrot, did not either know or intentionally left them out from his version of Kalevala.

Savonlinna's Kerimaa Holiday Center is the origin of the ancient Kalevala. The signs of a culture, which disappeared a long time ago, can still be found. The tales have been passed as tradition from generation to another, the place names have references to Kalevala. A slowly crumbling holy glacial erratic can also be found there, Kerimaa's mythological symbol, which was thrown there by the Scandinavia's lore's Ymir giant. A path of love, marked by Ilmatar (the same good as Ishtar, Isis, Astarte and Aphrodite), can be found in Kerimaa, which still radiates strong magical fertility and finding of true love. Above all, the secret of the identity of Santa Claus is glooming over Kerimaa.

Wild, epic, story collection carries the reader through historical and unhistorical events. The researcher-author Pekka Nurminen assures: “All of this is true and can also be found on Wikipedia. If it is not there, then the issue is in Wikipedia's insufficient updating.”
Pekka Nurminen

Pekka Nurminen

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