Monsters of the World

Monsters of the World

Antti Louhenkilpi

Romaanit & novellit


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ISBN-13: 9789523304857

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Julkaistu: 29.04.2016

Kieli: englanti

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Monsters of the World is a 2016 novel by Finnish author Antti Louhenkilpi. It deals with several themes ranging from analysis of the modern society to complex issues such as identity, morality, perception of the world, and the difference between good and bad.

The novel revolves around a few days in the life of Max Turner, the protagonist, who lives in Southampton, England, trying to make sense both of himself and of the world.
Antti Louhenkilpi

Antti Louhenkilpi

Antti Louhenkilpi is a first-time novelist writing in English language instead of his native Finnish because he feels he's more genuine and to-the-point in expressing himself in English. He just feels that English language is more profound and far-reaching than Finnish.

He was born in 1986, and has since traveled the world a lot. He's been especially diligent in visiting Cambodia, where he's been ten times for a duration of more than 24 months. He's longest trip to Cambodia was in 2012 when he spent 10 months there.

In Cambodia, Antti has taught English in the capital Phnom Penh, researched in a small village in the Kandal province for his Master's Thesis (he graduated from the University of Helsinki in 2014 majoring in Social & Cultural Anthropology), has helped to found a small English language school in Kandal province, and has volunteered for the Gender and Development for Cambodia (GAD/C) non-government organization, to name but a few of his activities in the Kingdom.

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