Mastering mid-career transition

Mastering mid-career transition

Discovering a New Purposeful Career

Risto M Koskinen

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ISBN-13: 9789528071310

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Julkaistu: 25.03.2024

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Are you a mid-career professional seeking change?

Mastering Mid-Career Transition offers a comprehensive guide to navigating career pivots with confidence.

Discover eight essential perspectives and proven tools to anticipate, navigate, and thrive in career transitions.

Craft a vision for a balanced life where work aligns with your values.

Harness tools to cope with the emotional rollercoaster of career transition.

Assess your life course, career phases, and values.

Identify and leverage your unique skill set within a broader context.

Uncover opportunities for value creation and research potential new roles.

Embrace the narrative of a professional pivot and develop your brand.

Explore unexpected career possibilities and chart a sustainable trajectory.

Master strategies for effective professional relationships.

Risto M Koskinen, MBA, widely known as #CoachRisto, is a career transition coach and strategist with a proven track record. With a rich academic and practical background in education, social work, and business administration, and more, he brings a unique blend of expertise to his coaching practice, grounded in evidence-based strategies and a solution-focused approach.

Whether you're facing a career crossroads or seeking to guide others through their transitions, Mastering Mid-Career Transition offers invaluable insights and practical tools for lasting transformation.
Risto M Koskinen

Risto M Koskinen

Risto M Koskinen, MBA, Certified Progress Coach®, and a certified supervisor, has extensive experience in teaching and guiding professions. He is widely recognized as #CoachRisto, a TopVoice on LinkedIn, sharing practical insights on job search, career management, and career coaching.

Risto specializes in coaching mid-career professionals in transitions for greater fulfillment, switching industries, or coping with unexpected career shifts. Grounded in an academic foundation spanning education, sociology, and
social policy, and beyond, he has a profound understanding of human behavior, organizational dynamics, and the intricacies of personal and professional development.

His coaching philosophy centers on fostering self-awareness, identifying transferable skills, and crafting strategic plans for seizing new career opportunities. Risto firmly believes in the transformative power of scholarly knowledge and a solution-oriented mindset.

Today, as a senior coach, Risto focuses on creating coaching tools, concepts, and frameworks. He still does a very limited amount of client work, being selective and accepting only clients he believes will truly benefit from his signature coaching approach.

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