Love: Nearness and Broken Hearts?

Love: Nearness and Broken Hearts?


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ISBN-13: 9789523301764

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Julkaistu: 30.11.2015

Kieli: englanti

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Alkuajatus "Love: Nearness and Broken Hearts" focuses on genuine love in such way that the reader can grow his understanding of love, spiritual nearness and the real reasons to broken hearts, and to grow his inner freedom regarding love.

This grows the understanding of future, present and past relationships.

The understanding relieves and sets one free when the understanding is real and not ready-made answers or believable explanations from others.

With the help of this book we observe what love actually is, and the goal is to understand and to see the matter with one's own eyes.

The book doesn't try to please and to be entertaining. It focuses on the observation of the matter, and each sentence in the book is of relevance to the reader.

We need functional answers to understand life and love. The functional answers are within us and they are possible to find with the help of Alkuajatus.

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Hannu has previously published, among other books, "Alkuajatus - The Original Thought - The Little Manual of Life", which has been published in three different languages. Alkuajatus is a unique, new view of life. It helps you to reach inner freedom and to approach the genuine selfhood in a functional way. You can find out more about Alkuajatus at

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