JEROSALEM - Give peace said Lemminkäinen

JEROSALEM - Give peace said Lemminkäinen

Chronicles of the Good Family - Part I

Johan Rikberg, Hura Rike

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Yhteiskunta & politiikka


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ISBN-13: 9789523305663

Kustantaja: Books on Demand

Julkaistu: 10.08.2023

Kieli: englanti

Värillinen sisältö: Kyllä

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Since ancient times, we, humans, have shared information. We have oral traditions and written books, stories and beautiful theories of origins. Yet, we lack consensus about where we are from.

Storytelling takes us back in time. Evolution is in our back bone. Many speak about revelations. When are we going to win?

Chronicles of the Good Family is a series looking into how we can become good, learn to understand our planet, and the universe that surrounds it.

Far north, the Northern star, North Pole, North wind, Earth's axis - where does the known world end?

In the Saga of the Ring, also known as the Bock Saga, it is told, that in ancient times people used to gather at a Rasti, a crossing point, to receive information. These teachings were presented by acting characters, and told through rhymes. Some of the rhymes have survived time, and are collected in manuscripts like Kalevala. Tolkien received inspiration from them, while creating The Lord of the Rings. And so the ring circles the ring.

That which is precious, can sometimes seem to be out of reach. Through understanding, we can learn, and see, what there is to know. Eventually, we become good and give peace, and so we reach far.

Everything that is hidden will be revealed.
Johan Rikberg

Johan Rikberg

JOHAN RIKBERG is a multilingual world researcher. From arts to science, from pen to paper - piece by piece, a puzzle maker. In the north, we aim for good, and prime tends to come.

Prepare for what's to come. Be open to discussion and growth. Change is behind the door.

Welcome to look for perspectives.

Hura Rike

Hura Rike

HURA RIKE is an artist located in Uudenmaa, Finland. His illustration, the book Jerosalem - Give peace said Lemminkäinen - is an artistic chronicle about mythology, history, and religion. Starting from wherever light can touch, to cultural aesthetics from the past.

Look for beauty, look for peace - let it come, let it go.
Give peace, get happy, and enjoy.

Rike - Kingdom - is a village in Uudenmaa.

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