Contemporary dance photography in London, Shanghai, New York and Helsinki

Vesa Loikas

Vapaa-aika, harrastukset & kulttuuri


96 sivua

ISBN-13: 9789528021674

Kustantaja: Books on Demand

Julkaistu: 30.03.2020

Kieli: englanti

Värillinen sisältö: Kyllä

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Dancing is like walking in a sense that in its basic level it is ingrained in us. Everybody has danced at some point in their lives in one form or another. Dancing is also a form of expression and for some people dance becomes their own language and vocabulary. This dance vocabulary is a serious study of the art of dance and also a study of themselves in relation to the environment and people around them. This photo book is about those wonderful and energetic dance artists as I have captured their dance vocabulary in their chosen environments in four cities around the world.

This series was started when I received an artist residency in New York City in March of 2013 by the Finnish Art Council and The Dance Centre of Western Finland.

In addition, I was honored to be able to include essays about dancing itself, the visual aspects about dance, and the environment around us that shapes our movement in our every day lives by four different contributors.
Vesa Loikas

Vesa Loikas

I am a fine art photographer based in Turku, Finland.

ART I MAKE book series consists of collections of my photographs which are chosen and curated around a subject matter or a location of my interest. This series was born from my desire to present to a larger audience my joy of photography and also something that could inspire people in their own creative journeys.

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