Elena Gushchina

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ISBN-13: 9789526835402

Kustantaja: Gushchina, Elena

Julkaistu: 13.05.2015

Kieli: englanti

Värillinen sisältö: Kyllä

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"I'M MAGNET" puts all the puzzle pieces together, giving the answers to all questions about well-being achievement. It gives a clear view on the consistent patterns in our life and the connection between certain situations and our behavior or perception.

"I'M MAGNET" is about you, your magnetism and your empowering with the algorithms described in this book. Through simple life examples of the author you will join your own associative parallel, which will get you to the higher quality way of your life.

"I'M MAGNET" is a tool for applying the thought power right away, for manifesting your every level goal, for inspiring and encouraging You to make Your own Successful Story!
Elena Gushchina

Elena Gushchina

During several years Elena Gushchina has been a guide for many people, helping them to set goals and accomplish them. Her own objective is to share knowledge, love and beauty with everyone. Elena is a Reiki Master, LoA practitioner, NLP Master & Trainer, an Artist and Photographer.

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