If not you

If not you

Stig Granfors

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Julkaistu: 22.03.2024

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Natinka from the famous Zulu tribe on Earth, and combat trained by the space adventurers Pyrrus and Kerk, oversees security on Emerald Planet. The planet has a new colony of mixed refugees from Earth and other colonies in the Andromeda Galaxy and endless day to day conflicts must be solved. Everything changes when young children suddenly go missing. Natinka sets out to investigate and immediately gets into trouble. Unexpected help appears from her friend Tonya and a disillusioned and mentally hurt drifter, who has his own agenda. His name is Billy, and he has a shady past as bodyguard and assassin. He has a bad temper and a bad conscious for previous ill-fated deeds. These unlikely allies must finally use all their skills and strength to save the children. Billy neither seeks nor questions violence until it is necessary to act. In the final fight with the leader of the criminal gang, Billy realizes that he must continue the hunt for every accomplice in the crumbling criminal empire.

The first novel about the former sniper and assassin Will 'Billy' Diamond. A sequel to the Pyrrus and Kerk series. A tale about ordinary people in somewhat familiar surroundings in a galaxy far, far away.
Stig Granfors

Stig Granfors

Stig Granfors has published several suspense, adventure, and science fiction novels in Swedish and English. Among the works there are also books about man's ancient and contemporary mysteries, the future depiction of life, riddles in the light of ancient myths and creation legends together with biological mysteries of life and the universe.

The adventure novels about the space travellers Pyrrus and Kerk, written with his son Marcus Granfors, were published in the years 2020-2023. The Will Diamond series is a stand-alone sequel to the stories of the new colonies in the Andromeda Galaxy a few decades after the inevitable evacuation of Earth.

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