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The original edition of this book was called Human Predators (2016). Since then, the book has been reprinted under different names, until the final name of the book became Human Trails.

The book consists of several articles of the author on the different topics. Some of them are topical, while others are more principled reflections on the existence of man.

The writer is a social scientist and psychologist by training, and this is reflected in his writings. His critical internal view is that many of the factors affecting the life of modern man are harmful to human health and should be changed. The writings do not contain direct life instructions for the reader, but by reading them, he can gain useful stimuli for independent thinking and surviving in his own life.
Kyösti Waris

Kyösti Waris

Kyösti Waris was born in Lahti 1946 and graduated from Lahti lyceum. He has completed his doctoral degree (Ph.D.) majoring in psychology and sociology. He is a social scientist, psychologist, sociologist and a health care professional. He specializes in mental health care, in work and organization psychology and in psychology of occupational health care. He is an expert of work-related issues and he has got the training of work mentor.

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