Growth with a change

Growth with a change

A handbook of strategic leadership

Riikka Hackselius-Fonsén

Talous & johtaminen


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ISBN-13: 9789529408573

Kustantaja: Brand Agency Punda Oy

Julkaistu: 05.10.2018

Kieli: englanti

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There is a lot of pressure piled on the corporate management of today. Organisations are becoming increasingly diverse and the discussion taking place around management makes it look complicated and challenging. It should not be.

Good leadership makes operations clear and simple - and this book aims to guide you towards that. Growth with a change discusses the human contexts and principles related to the environment surrounding strategic leadership. In doing that it creates an idea of the structures that should be considered in good management.
Riikka Hackselius-Fonsén

Riikka Hackselius-Fonsén

The author of this book, Riikka Hackselius-Fonsén, has participated in hundreds of strategy projects for her clients in the international markets. As a partner in their brand management, she has also followed how these companies have advanced. This knowledge along with 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur are crystallised on these pages.

Growth with a change picks up the straight-forward and socially relevenat perspective of Hackselius-Fonsén´s two previous books. This third book assembles the contexts and principles, which anyone aspiring to be a though leader should consider when setting their goals.

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