Growth and Scaleup Enablers for SMEs

Growth and Scaleup Enablers for SMEs

Veijo Komulainen

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ISBN-13: 9789522866912

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Julkaistu: 17.08.2018

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This book explores the challenge of SME growth from a rare perspective; the impact of internal factors on the capability to grow. This angle is rare in literature despite the fact
that according to HBR research 85 % of CEOs consider the most signifi cant hurdle for growth to be company internal factors.

The book explores root causes of growing pains and their symptoms in organizations followed by the renewal recipe of leadership that is capable of anticipating challenges and restoring growth. The prerequisites for growth from a revenue level of USD one million up to USD 100 million are described from various viewpoints of development. The book opens up a path for traditional organizations to reform the mode of their operations to agile, lean and
self-imposed, leading to higher productivity and job satisfaction.
Enablers of scaleup are concluded both through practical success cases and from conceptual considerations.

This book is for you, CEO of a growing company. If you find this book to address you and your company see to that it will also be read by your board and management team. Because only together as a team you will start the development needed for the growth.
This book is also targeted for all the legal, financial, HR, communication and ICT professionals who work with growing companies. After reading this book you will identify the most essential challenges that need today be addressed. Leave the rest for the future.
Veijo Komulainen

Veijo Komulainen

Veijo Komulainen is an experienced and versatile international business executive. He has over 25 years of experience in various leadership roles internationally. He has served as the CEO of several mid-size companies, held leadership positions in listed companies, and worked as an executive consultant. His specialties are international business leadership, strategy, sales, SME development and organizing for growth.
Twitter: @KomulainenV

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