Gravitation II

Gravitation II

Relativistic planet orbit

U. Kivi

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Julkaistu: 08.04.2021

Kieli: englanti

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Values for the integration constants in the relativistic orbit equation are constructed in this book as functions of Schwarzschild radius and the planet maximum and minimum distances from the Sun. An algorithm to calculate the planet orbit according to relativity theory is presented in the book. A computer program that uses the algorithm has been listed in an appendix. Eight different cases have been calculated; the sun or black hole mass has been varied in these cases. The orbit graphs are presented in figures. The perihelion shift is presented as a function of the polar angle coordinate in every suitable calculation case. The text has been clarified with more than 20 graphs describing the form of the planet orbit.
U. Kivi

U. Kivi

U. Kivi has university examination -civil engineer- with major subject in physics and minor subject in mathematics. He has made thermodynamic calculations with relation to nuclear power station accidents. Due to his background the style of the writer is very pragmatic and the description of thermodynamic processes is very thorough in books 'Termodynamiikka' and 'Thermodynamics'. The writer is interested in relativity theory - books 'Painovoima' and 'Gravitation', but is not at all professional in that field. Because Finnish name 'Uuno' means one in Italy or ein in Germany and name 'Kivi' means stein in Germany, pseudonym 'Uuno Kivi' may be interpreted as Einstein. Uuno means also stupid in Finnish, so that if the reader doesn't like the contents of the books he/she may interpret the pseudonym as 'stupid as a stone'.

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