Foreign Production Project Planning In The Real World

Foreign Production Project Planning In The Real World

Changed Project Development World

P. K. Kauppi

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ISBN-13: 9789528069898

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Julkaistu: 08.02.2023

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In the complex world today, the foreign project planning and development is faced with a chancing flow of decision situations. Added to this must be Covid 19 virus with its world wide impact that complicate the situation further. The degree of impact varies on case basis, the location, activity or sub disciplines associated with the scope and the partners' role in the project. In the changing world situation it is not realistic to outline a detailed blanked coved impact to all typical project activities. Rather, in more general terms and strong foreign field experience create awareness of important project planning issues for engineers and responsible managers. The book is a Rare and Unique introduction to the topic with illustrations to clarify the issues.

The outlined method is for a complex project with combination of strong practical engineering, management skills, field experience and need-based analytical techniques. The approach can be tailored and employed in the management of any kind international project development and planning consideration and in the project management training.
P. K. Kauppi

P. K. Kauppi

Dr. Kauppi's engineering and management engineering background and industrial project development experience is truly international. He has degrees in mechanical engineering from Finland, in pulp and paper engineering from Sweden, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in management engineering from the United States. His Ph.D. Dissertation dealt with the analysis of complex international projects. He has worked in Scandinavia and in Canada with multi-national industrial technology and machinery companies, with resource-based industrial manufacturing operations, and with some of the world's leading consulting engineering companies in senior positions on international project engineering and project development. He has published many papers on complex international projects in well-known industry publications, served as an editorial advisor of the Paper Trade Journal Magazine of the United States, and obtained several industrial process and equipment patents in the United States, in Canada and in Scandinavia. He has also written several books.

Since 1980s Dr. Kauppi has spent most of his time in the international arena involving detail engineering, planning and development of high capital resource-based manufacturing projects as well as high-tech projects in the developing countries, while being based in North America. His work has covered assessment of existing industrial operations, development of complex new projects, structuring foreign equity joint ventures, sourcing for foreign joint venture partners and international financing. He has strong industrial project experience from South America, China, India, Malaysia and other Asian countries, the most challenging regions in the world to do business with, and yet have plenty of opportunities for foreign-invested joint ventures and other types of project participations.

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