Five Keys to Divine Sex

Five Keys to Divine Sex

Your guide to presence and pleasure

Mitra Vasara

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Julkaistu: 19.08.2019

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This book is an unique guide to help you to be present in sex and enjoy your sexuality freely. It will also help you to improve your communication with your partner and increase honesty, self-knowledge and love.

First you are guided through WHAT lies behind freeing yourself of thoughts, expectations and routines. Then you learn HOW to do it with easy and simple practices!

Unfortunately sex has an aspect of performance for many people. We worry about what our partner thinks and whether we are doing it right. Thus we lose the possibility to surrender into the loving, free and relaxed flow that sex can be.

KEY ONE gives you tools to accept yourself as you are. This is the foundation. Being present is a crucial part of loving yourself.

In the next chapter KEY TWO you learn how to create a freely flowing communication with your partner. You will be able to talk about sex and your relationship more naturally, and also listen to your partner better.

Chapter KEY THREE is about learning to touch intuitively by trusting and listening to your intuition.

In KEY FOUR the focus is in sex and intercourse. You will also focus on communicating about your sexual needs and boundaries.

In the final chapter KEY FIVE you learn to maintain a renewing, relaxed and loving relationship.

This book concentrates on the relationship and sex between a man and a woman, because my writing is based on what I know personally.

Step into a unique journey towards a deep, relaxed sex life - you will forever be grateful!
Mitra Vasara

Mitra Vasara

Mitra Vasara is Published Author, Speaker, Blogger and Singer & songwriter from Finland. Mitra holds a Bachelor's degree in both Business Administration and Design. She is a member of Mensa. Mitra aims for simplicity and sincerity in all of her work.

Mitra Vasara on kirjailija, puhuja, Hidasta elämää -bloggaaja sekä laulaja & lauluntekijä. Koulutukseltaan hän on markkinoinnin tradenomi ja muotoilija. Mitra on Mensan jäsen.

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