Elusive UFOs - a Solid Matter

Elusive UFOs - a Solid Matter

Scientific Grounds of Ufology Explained

Jaakko Närvä

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ISBN-13: 9789528060864

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Julkaistu: 01.04.2022

Kieli: englanti

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This is a book dealing with the fundamental question of ufology. Are UFOs real or not? This problem has been studied for decades, and it is still severely debated by ufologists and skeptics. Most academics are skeptics. What is the right answer? This book goes systematically and thoroughly through the essential arguments for and against UFOs and enlightens the scientific grounds of ufology.
Jaakko Närvä

Jaakko Närvä

Jaakko Närvä is a Finnish scholar, a Doctor of Philosophy in the academic study of religion. His doctoral thesis of UFO religiosity was published in 2008. After this he worked as a post doc researcher and teacher in the University of Helsinki. During these years he taught among other things six full academic UFO courses, dealing with the complexity and religiosity of ufology and UFO phenomena. Närvä is interested in UFO phenomena also ufologically, and has examined the subject for almost thirty years now. He joined the Finnish UFO Research Association FUFORA in the early 2000's, acted several years as a board member, and served as a chairman in 2014. Närvä is the author of a number of UFO related articles in the Finnish forums of alternative science and spirituality, has lectured extensively on the subject and appeared broadly in the Finnish media. His view is that something very momentous and profound seems to hide into the UFO enigma, but it is very difficult to convincingly prove the existence of UFOs, let alone to reveal their origin or the true quality of them. Reasons for this are socio-emotional, methodological and the nature of the UFOs themselves.

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