Deadly Secret

Deadly Secret

Pinja Eskola

Romaanit & novellit


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ISBN-13: 9789523183858

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Julkaistu: 14.08.2015

Kieli: englanti

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“We're like two pieces of a broken mirror that fit together perfectly.”

love is something we all desire. What if it was forbidden? What if, in the worst case scenario, it would turn everyone against you and even take your life? Vampires have fascinated people for centuries. They've been considered as monsters and at times they've been romanticised and envied. Almost as long as there has been myths about them, people have played with the thought of relationships between humans and vampires.

Without a doubt, Cecily Zacs is one of the most respected slayers of her family. However, suddenly everything changes. She becomes the black sheep of the family. The woman, formerly known as the ice queen, falls in love head over heels, and not to just anyone but to creature that she should hate from the bottom of her heart. To a creature that she's supposed to kill. Is love really the power that conquers all or is everything going to be destroyed.
Pinja Eskola

Pinja Eskola

Pinja is a young woman who you might call a dreamer. She sees the world a little differently from her wheel chair.

This girl has always escaped the cruelty of the reality to fantasy worlds. Her passion is writing and her main goal is to touch people and give them great adventures. She also likes to think that you can always develope yourself.

She released her first self published novel in January 2015. It's called "Kuolettava salaisuus" and "Deadly Secret" is the english translated version of it.

Even though this book tells about vampires, Pinja hasn't liike The Twilight saga that much, because vampires just don't sparkle. The tv-series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The vampire diares as well as Anne Rice's books have given her the inspiration mostly.

When Pinja writes, the main characters always reflect her mind and personality in some level. Some of the character's types of behaviours are snacthed from her friends.

Pinja plans on writing a sequal for this book and for "Deadly secret" she also did a short film with a bunch of friends as and advert. It's a piece of the book's storyline, and should come out in August.

For the translation of her first book she would like to thank Saara Korjus as well as Sara Laitinen and Johanna Kotama who did the cover.

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