Breeding Happy and Healthy Chihuahuas

Breeding Happy and Healthy Chihuahuas

Katri Rantanen

Vapaa-aika, harrastukset & kulttuuri


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ISBN-13: 9789523189836

Kustantaja: Books on Demand

Julkaistu: 04.09.2015

Kieli: englanti

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Do you want to learn more from the Chihuahua breed? Do you have a problem with your Chihuahua? Do you need practical training tips for a pack of Chihuahuas? Are you planning to breed Chihuahuas or are you already a Chihuahua breeder?

This book offers essential knowledge for all Chihuahua fanciers, owners and breeders. A Chihuahua breeder with 30 years of experience is sharing her knowledge about Chihuahuas. The book includes practical, proven training methods for Chihuahuas as well as essential knowledge for successful breeding programs, with solutions to common problems in breeding.
Katri Rantanen

Katri Rantanen

Katri Rantanen has owned Chihuahuas over 30 years and bred them over 24 years. Chihuahuas have been part of her everyday life and she has raised many generations well behaving Chihuahuas. She has also bred and owned a top winning Chihuahua and other Champions. She noticed early that Chihuahuas were very demanding dogs to breed successfully. There were a lot of problems with deliveries and other issues in the breed. Studies at the University, ability to read scientific papers and many discussions with the scientists, who she met through her work, gave her additional information to understand challenges of the Chihuahua breed.

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