Big Dreams

Big Dreams

Stories about Finns who are changing the world-20 career stories

Salaado Qasim, Faisa Qasim, Roosa Oksanen



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Julkaistu: 08.08.2023

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People who belong to a minority often need to be pioneers and to be first in various matters. What are the things that can help all people to realise their dreams and change the world? An observation that comes up in many of the stories is how great the power of an example is. One thing unites all these stories: they are about people who have made their dreams come true. Through their activities, they have changed the world by, for example, promoting equality, increasing understanding, and directly helping other people.
Above all, these stories show that everyone has their own individual journey. One person already knows as a child what they want to do as an adult. Another ponders their career choices throughout their life and often changes direction. And a third advances through surprising coincidences from one field of work to another. The variety of ways to advance in one’s journey is endless, and each story is equally valuable. That’s why every person deserves encouragement to pursue their dreams and make them come true – as well as inspiring role models showing that anything is possible. These stories include these kinds of people.
Salaado Qasim

Salaado Qasim

Faisa Qasim

Faisa Qasim

Roosa Oksanen

Roosa Oksanen

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