B2B Revenue NOW

B2B Revenue NOW

Lead Your Revenue Operations with the Best Kept Secrets of Account-Based Marketing & Sales.

Atte Sallamo

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ISBN-13: 9789528036562

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Julkaistu: 08.01.2024

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This book holds the BLUEPRINT for that methodology I've used to deliver measurable revenue growth for numerous B2B businesses.

This method has yielded Return on Investment ranging from 324%, to 647% in B2B ROI, all the way up to 900% and beyond in pure profit.

What I am describing here is not an alien result, but one your B2B company gets to experience (and should expect) once you get in place this framework that awaits you inside these covers.

The process:
1) Find your ideal high-value clients.
2) UNIFY & ALIGN your revenue operations.
3) EXECUTE! Conquer your B2B profit & REVENUE GOALS.

The proof and power of this process you'll come to experience firsthand on your own company's balance sheet.

How is this possible?

In all simplicity, we focus on what matters. on those SPECIFIC revenue-critical actions that scale (80/20 principle in action). We amplify them to work in your favor! Identifying your high-value audience, aligning marketing & sales, data-driven leadership, and the Account-Based orchestration of it all.

Once you'll come to graduate from this curriculum, your business has a crystal clear understanding on where to place the energy of your enterprise so it yields the kind of growth that others will envy. This we'll do together by hand-picking the correct alignment processes, leadership practices, and measurement models for your business from the basket that this book is.

...For growth happens when the conditions inside your company support it. That's when you'll conquer your quarterly goals, deliver on your OKRs, and provide measurable (and fresh) revenue inflows that land on the balance sheet fueling your entire business.

Rev Ops roadmap,
Team structure,
& Leadership.
Atte Sallamo

Atte Sallamo

Atte Sallamo is an expert in Account-Based marketing and sales with the emphasis on the internal processes that take place within the walls of your company. In his mind, marketing and sales are but two sides of the same coin which are required to work as a one team in order for any company to grow and live up to its full potential.

He has extensive experience (close to 7 years and counting) in the deep end of the B2B sector where he's working for companies that grow by selling to other businesses, governments, and large international bodies with complex decision making processes involved in their procurement.

This experience Atte has built by working for world class start ups (e.g. in the space industry), marketing agencies, sales process design consultancy, and by running his own business that seeks to help businesses big and small in their quest for growth and ethical profit generation.

Having often experienced the struggles that paralyze growth seeking B2B companies, Atte has built a solid toolkit of "growth tools" for marketing, for sales, and their alignment so that nearly any business may kick-start their growth curve up into the right.

In Atte's opinion, no concept or idea is too complex to simplify so that others may understand it... after all, a shared understanding is what fuels the execution that follows. Without understanding there's no action.

Thus, even his books are written so that "the public" may take in the message almost through osmosis while reading. Complex topics are opened up with the help of fitting analogies, and the books are structured in a manner where every piece of information has the right time and place where it's easy to take in and digest.

Atte is a structured thinker with the passion to bring down the "silo walls" that keep apart B2B revenue operations (of marketing and sales).

In his mind, and with his approach, what unifies all stakeholders, business functions and departments is a common focal point of focus. This enables cross-functional collaboration between all revenue-critical parties that are to work, build, and manifest your ambitious revenue goal into a living and breathing reality...

After all, growth is fundamentally about teamwork (and alignment).

And great teamwork in revenue operations may only emerge when you set the conditions right for your team to thrive! This happens when you lock-in the right communication tools (for internal alignment), set up appropriate KPIs, OKRs, and incentives.


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