The Nordic Health Practice

Asahi Nordic Institute

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Julkaistu: 09.12.2022

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Let Asahi Move you! Asahi is a health exercise developed in Finland, which can be done by people of all ages and states of health. The movements are easy to learn are done at slow, peaceful pace in time with the breathing.

Asahi helps people stay in the workforce longer. It also has a positive effect on their mental health and provides a way to maintain social contact. By practicing Asahi regularly, the elderly stay more active and are able to live independently in their own home longer.

This book, Asahi - The Nordic Health Practice, also includes ways to use the method as a means of self-care and rehabilitation. Asahi meets the physical activity recommendations set up by the WHO and the ODPHP. Because it is both safe and effective, many specialized health organizations recommend and teach Asahi to their members.
Asahi Nordic Institute

Asahi Nordic Institute

The Finnish company, Asahi Nordic Institute Ltd., was founded in 2020 by Asahi's head trainers. The purpose of the Asahi Nordic Institute is to provide Asahi Nordic teacher training of the highest quality to as many people as possible and to ensure that the standards and quality it has set are maintained as Asahi Nordic spreads around the world.

Ilpo Jalamo, head trainer and one of the developers of Asahi
Dr. Yrjö Mähönen, head trainer and one of the developers of Asahi
Risto Lehto, head trainer
Maarit Lintukorpi, head trainer
Margaret Vainio, head trainer

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