The Universe in Me - I in the Universe:

The Universe in Me - I in the Universe:

One for CMED Philosophy and CMED Philosophy fo All

Esko Kröger

Historia, uskonto & humanistiset tieteet


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ISBN-13: 9789522866158

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Julkaistu: 22.03.2013

Kieli: englanti

Värillinen sisältö: Ei

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Have you ever met a man or a woman who states that he or she has found something interesting to life but for some reasons cannot express it right there where both of you met each other? Maybe this is the case with my CMEDP book right now. But this book is still worth reading, it can inspire and confuse, not to mention irritate and amuse you. This book has a personal touch and a delicate taste to your thinking. In this book I show my joy and positivity in my findings that have helped me build my world view to a more balanced one than which I had in my earlier commercial studies. Though I feel that its is not the ripe time to reveal all that I have found via my thinking I want to guide you, dear reader, to the areas in which I want to produce well thought mental structures to "explain the universe" in my coming books. If this or the large font of my basic text or any other thing in this book irritates you I can assure you that, maybe then, you have read a book that certainly did not leave you innerly cold. Have an interesting chain of reading moments with my CMEDP book.
Esko Kröger

Esko Kröger

Kirjoittaja on teologian hidas aikuisopiskelija, pöytälaatikkokirjoittelija ja muutaman ajattelualueen ahkera aikoja, joka pitää myös kuljetusalan pätkätöistään.

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